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Breva 1100 - I think I'm sold and I haven't even seen it yet.

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I enjoy a R1150R, you'll love the Breva. Good luck.
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Drop an extra $1500 and get the Griso. Saw it at the Seattle show and it was awesome. Good seating position and just different enough to get the lust factor going. The Breva was nice, but much more utilitarian.
Well the problem is Guzzi gets in your blood if you connect with the bike then you won't want to ride anything else. I have the California Touring and also the sickness that comes with owning one. If you get yours you will soon understand what I am talking about.

Sounds like ole Wobble has got exactly the right sort of disease!

Wobble, have you seen the Breva 1100 fully kitted with it's saddlebags, windshield & topbox? Nice and lots less plastic than the Norge....though my rapidly ageing bones would probably appreciate the Norge a LOT more on a chilly day.

Looking forwards to seeing them at the bike show here in March now that Guzzi NA is HQ'd here. Hopefully they'll pull out all the stops. Guzzi has shot itself in the foot sooo many times...

Speaking of ATL, too bad Wobble didn't live here with his ST2. Several guys around town that can take mighty fine care of Dr. T's best. And none of them are at the two dealers either...
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i have to agree ... love the looks of the new breva, and guzzis sound fantastic with aftermarket exhausts.
Buddy of mine has a lemans ,lovely machine...good luck!!!!!
Agreed. Hate the name, but the Griso has got to be the sweetest looking standards ever made.
how is a bike with the engine sticking out the sides "sweet in traffic"? don't get me wrong- guzzis are gorgeous machines- but to me, "sweet in traffic" means being able to lanesplit without scratching cars. maybe you mean it doesn't have overheating problems, like my sprint st does? actually, now that i think about it, i have to bend the mirrors in before i split... not so sweet
Well dang son, ain't you got no meat between yer ears?? A Gootsie motor don't stick out that far! Beemer, Goldwing and Valkarie motors stick out further. You better go ride a Guzzi so you knows what yer talkin bout!! :)
Whatever rings your bell. I will pass on some advice. ride a Guzzi an hour or two before you buy one.


Back in the late 80's, I had the great good fortune to babysit a LeMans for 8 or 9 months while my old friend, "Admiral" Wheeler was stuck on a carrier in the Persian Gulf. I think I had more fun than he did.

And I agree strongly with whoever said "ride it". I imagine Guzzis are pretty polarizing bikes. Lucky for me, I was polarized in a postive manner...
I *am* sold. Waiting for my local dealer (Winchester MotoSports in VA) to get some. ... and waiting and waiting.

Will be putting my Moto Guzzi V11 LeMans up for sale. A Breva would be the 3rd Guzzi for me.

Am now torn between getting the Breva as soon as they get some, or waiting on the Norge, which is pretty much what I want to do with the Breva anyway. Norge will supposedly be released in March 2006. Normally, I'd get cynical and say that translates to early 2008, but it's really a Breva with nice touring stuff, and they should have learned enough from their homologation mistake (delayed the Breva's US arrival) to actually make that date.
137mi on the ODO? is there a digit missing or something? What, a dozen laps around the neighborhood?
Where can I find a Breva 1100? It's been promised to arrive in the US but it has been delayed and delayed again for months! Are parts for the bike going to be as hard to get? That's my concern.
Good eye!

That was 2 years ago just after I bought it. Notice the temporary license plate. 2nd day I had it.
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