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Early 70's Bonnevilles and Tridents are to me, what a motorcycle should look like. The Hinkley Bonnies come close, especialy the all black version, but the tank seam and kink in the exhaust pipe are incorrect.

My ideal would be to have a new oil tight electricaly reliable version for a daily driver alongside my Trophy, then have an original purple and white '72 Trident for eye-candy and Sunday rides.

Did you ever get the Avons? Want to hear something else? I've got 30k miles in all weather on the stock chain and sprockets and it still doesn't need ajustment. I clean it about every 400 miles or so with CRC 3-36 ride around to fling it off, then spray with Honda Pro chain lube. and it's staying right around 1.5 in. slack. I've never heard of a open chain lasting this long. Amazing, shows the top notch componantes Triumph are using these days.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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