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British PSA features Ducati, Humor and a Great Message!

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that's been posted on the ducati monster list before. good stuff!

there's a couple other brit PSA's that i'm pretty sure we need to run on tv over here (judging by the number of times some idiot has tried to kill me).
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Bloody brilliant! We know autos are a hard sell on noticing us, but you can never have too much self-awareness.
After a few GPTB's managed to run off the road and kill themselves in the mountains near here, the State of Colorado put up some similar signs. Except that ours start by reading "Warning Motorcyclists .. " and continuing to tell them to slow down. If I recall correctly, the last fatality was the result of a SUV driving tourist running wide, but I have to admit that any motorcyclist who doesn't allow for such things on a blind curve is asking for trouble.

I also like the printed warning that the vehicle ahead is about to make a turn. (and here, I have to admit that I have had a couple of close calls when the car ahead turned without signalling)
So GPTB members are lame because they run off the road? But you're (presumably) not lame even though you're dumb enough to try to pass vehicles near side roads and driveways they could potentially turn into?...

Lemme' guess, they were slowing down, that's why you started to pass them?
"After a few GPTB's managed to run off the road and kill themselves in the mountains near here, the State of Colorado put up some similar signs."

Don't see "lame" in there anywhere. However, just because you are paranoid it doesn't mean that no-one is out to get you, Misquote away.... Grif

Wait a second, This is supposed to be a safety video? Theyare all driving on the wrong side of the road!
You can find downloadable versions of the UK "Think Road Safety" PSAs at The other one on the sight is not quite as humorous...
Good catch...those wacky Brits, no wonder they have accidents.!
I have a question, what the hell is a GPTB???
GPTB stands for "Grey Ponytailed Brotherhood". This term was introduced by MO's resident psychotic and entirely inexperienced faux motorcyclist KPaulcook.... now labelled Ksquid. At first the term was supposed to designate Harley riding middleaged bikers but as time went along it expanded to include anyone who likes to ride any kind of motorcycle except a race replica. Anyone who owns or likes Harleys or cruisers and also owns or likes naked standards, dirt bikes or race replicas is also a GPTB.

Perhaps it's easiest to understand GPTB now in a negative sense. The only people who aren't GPTBs are people whose entire riding experience is taking Sunday rides to the Rock Store or Burger Barn on race replicas and then standing around comparing stats and congatulating themselves on how owning a race replica makes them superior as individuals to everyone else. They are usually parked in front of coffee houses and put maybe 50 miles max per week on their bikes. When the weather is perfect. And when they aren't out buying a dinette set.
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I live in California. How come I've never seen an American version of one of these ads? Pity.
Cool, thanks for the clarification, i had seen this acronym before on this board and wondered what the heck it meant. I ride a Kawi ZRX1200, have owned a metric cruiser in the past and numerous race replica/enduro/motocross bikes, but my hair is not gray yet, and its way too short for a pony tail, so i guess i'll have to bide my time until I meet the requirements for GPTB. Harley's are out of my price range also, maybe I can just pretend.........
Don't worry about the poneytail bit, as a founding member I can assure you I have more hair on my chin than my is grey though so that must count.

Buzglyd and Longride have nice heads of black hair, though it does tend streak when it rains ( if ya' know what I mean...) Dr. Saruzawa is like most of us, too smart to put his picture on here and I haven't seen mscruddy since we were in the Navy about 30 years ago. I doubt he's looking any better though..
I have gray hair, no pony tail, and there is no way in hell I'm EVER putting my picture out to be critiqued by this group of mutants. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
Good question. Some of us like to go fast, some of us like to cruise, but all of us face these kinds of issues every time we ride. Other than pretend you're invisible, and make paranoia part of your world view, at least as far as motorcycles are concerned, there is not much else we can do except go slow where slow is indicated, and go fast as we wanna be when conditions permit.
Dang. You mean we don't get to see that picture involving a pickle and some orange sunshine?
Sorry. I got distracted by the Penn and Teller Pet ESP video!

YouTube has replaced my TV.
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