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Man I dig this Grand Prix racing! I made it to my first AMA race this year at BIR and am hooked. Watching on TV is great but making it to the track was incredible.

The MotoGP reentry to the US next season will be the one race I will make for sure. I’m hoping I can make it to Barber for the AMA race this year just to get a feel for camping sites and viewing spots for the GP next year.

Too bad the 125 and 250cc bikes won’t be coming though. The 250 race yesterday was as tight as the 4-strokers. The fight between De Puniet, Elias and Poggiali offered more to me as a spectator than the MotoGP race. Those guys, and even Roberto Rolfo, were crazed! They were bumping in turns, cutting different lines and blocking each other out in turns. Nieto (my man!) and Rolfo were in the fight for awhile then, tires baked, just couldn’t hang with the lead three.

It was great racing all around yesterday.
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