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Brock's Performance Cracks 200 MPH on the ZX-14.

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It will be comforting for the average working stiff on a budget to know that the ZX-14 will do 200 mph with only a few bolt-on parts.

Some of us thought we might have to cut into our beer budgets to be able to do 200 mph on the way home from the bar Friday night.
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When and where is this race going to take place? If it is on the west coast, I'm there. And "NO" kp, I won't be your umbrella boy.

Longride, set up a track/class report and have kp co-write it. Even with a little traffic the faster rider will surface.
A time slip from any track would indicate fast or not, no?
I haven't used a handicap since my first golf tournament, I was 9. You win or you lose, period.
1 - 3 of 57 Posts
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