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Brock's Performance Cracks 200 MPH on the ZX-14.

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It will be comforting for the average working stiff on a budget to know that the ZX-14 will do 200 mph with only a few bolt-on parts.

Some of us thought we might have to cut into our beer budgets to be able to do 200 mph on the way home from the bar Friday night.
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Except for wheel size, and a disc rather than a drum on the back; the EX500 hasn't changed since 1986. (styling changes in '94 excluded)

Still, it is(was) a good bike. Ditching the flexi-frame, adding better brakes and a decent suspension - would have been sufficient to sell EX500's for at least another 10 years. Instead, Kawi killed it with the EX650/ER-6N.
.......O' some Chips an' Pie..........
Or the ZX-14 "Mule" - due out in '08. Fastest ATV Pickup in the whirld.................
that's "whirled"[/i].

Gaah! Drive myself Bug-Four-Asterisk-ing-Nuts when I slip on the Proof-read!
1 - 4 of 57 Posts
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