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Brock's Performance Cracks 200 MPH on the ZX-14.

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It will be comforting for the average working stiff on a budget to know that the ZX-14 will do 200 mph with only a few bolt-on parts.

Some of us thought we might have to cut into our beer budgets to be able to do 200 mph on the way home from the bar Friday night.
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Awesome.. good job Kawasaki!... That is the way you create engineering excellence by pushing the envelope.. i.e racing builds better street bikes... Certain American bike companies could learn from that. The modern Japanese sportbike is an engineering marvel and the safest bike for the street.
If you are going to race kpaul you need to install it. i.e. you will need every advantage you can get the guy is good.
So you are talking trash before the race Ok like George Weasel Bush would say "Bring it on" :)
No need for sympathy schizuki. I am postive longride would of hit it the branch too. Actually the Insurance guy who rides knows the road I was on said he understood how it could happen (shyt happens) . It is highly likely longweseal would have hit the branch head on (I thought that might be an option also) and flipped over the bike.. ala MotoGp style... I think the branch was a little to big to jump over or hit straight on...
I like George Sr.

Actually Bush Sr.. is not bad. He rightly called supply side economics Vodoo economics. Too bad W didn't listen to him and he thought going into Iraq was bad thing to do.."In explaining to Gulf War veterans why he chose not to pursue the war further, President Bush said, "Whose life would be on my hands as the commander-in-chief because I, unilaterally, went beyond the international law, went beyond the stated mission, and said we're going to show our macho? We're going into Baghdad. We're going to be an occupying power — America in an Arab land — with no allies at our side. It would have been disastrous."[12]
is this the best you can do for a comeback..
Re: Thrown Gauntlets....

think how boring longride's, buz's, other's life would be without me...

My work is done here (for today anyway)
That was Black thunder not Choclate thunder
Hey that's a great idea... Then folks can handicap the race.. Mythical bets of course...

think about the number of things to bet on..

Well kpaul show? will longride show? Can kpaul's Ninja run with the 2 times bigger cc Hayabusa?

1 - 9 of 57 Posts
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