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Brock's Performance Cracks 200 MPH on the ZX-14.

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It will be comforting for the average working stiff on a budget to know that the ZX-14 will do 200 mph with only a few bolt-on parts.

Some of us thought we might have to cut into our beer budgets to be able to do 200 mph on the way home from the bar Friday night.
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..................butcha cain't haul nuffin init.

You think he can get my Concours to do that?!

Sure. Drop it off a cliff.
When and where is this race going to take place? If it is on the west coast, I'm there. And "NO" kp, I won't be your umbrella boy.

Longride, set up a track/class report and have kp co-write it. Even with a little traffic the faster rider will surface.
HAHA!!! I've already thought of that. I'd rather just buy a Buell.
Are you suggesting "they wear out quick and cease to exist"? Some half modest model such as -96 ZX750 retails at $ 3,800 according to KBB. Buy an ok individual and you could clock in more miles than you do during the rest of your life.

- cruiz-euro
I´m generally no W fan but the daddy Bush called Chavez, the president of Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela, an ass on Larry King. Hey, I am a fan of daddy Bush now.

- cruiz-euro
KP's been offered the opportunity to show his face numerous times.
Well not quite all people enjoying it all that much. There are some that have noticed that you really have to push it hard to beat that souped up 206 Peugeot in the lights. Well some people are happy enogh to put-put along, good for them.

The big H-D is a very nice, predictable and stable bike with low center of gravity. First bike I´ve had I´ve been able to comfortably ride without hands. Excellent in heavy traffic. Good torq down low. Looks good. Some negative points I can live with. But one that I can not: its bloody beeping time they put some power in it.

- cruiz-euro
A time slip from any track would indicate fast or not, no?
Because the new ones are so much better than the 10 year old one it's not worth it to keep them!

If you look at a bike like a EX500 that hasn't changed over the last 10 years you'll find more older ones. But all the real sport bikes are so much better than their 10 year old versions hardly anyone keeps them or wants them (hence they don't hold value well)

Where as HD's hardly change so the old ones are just about as good as the new ones and they're a lot more $$ than sport bikes so people tend to hold on to them much longer.

An EX500 is kinda similar - hardly any updates in 15+ years but it's a cheap bike ($5k new) compared to a HD but like HD they hold their value pretty well, better than the top of the line sport bikes.

If your buying a sport bike your buying it for it's performance, and in the last 20 years the hpr has almost doubled (in addition to all the other areas that have improved) so that's a BIG perfromance difference.

They're also very complicated so it can quickly become more worth while to buy a new one than do a rebuild on a 10 year old one.
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Re: Thrown Gauntlets....

Somehow Longride I am getting the idea you don´t appreciate this fellow KPaul too much.

- cruiz-euro
And why do the track times remain the same?
They dont ride them alot, they tow them alot.
I like George Sr.

Actually Bush Sr.. is not bad. He rightly called supply side economics Vodoo economics. Too bad W didn't listen to him and he thought going into Iraq was bad thing to do.."In explaining to Gulf War veterans why he chose not to pursue the war further, President Bush said, "Whose life would be on my hands as the commander-in-chief because I, unilaterally, went beyond the international law, went beyond the stated mission, and said we're going to show our macho? We're going into Baghdad. We're going to be an occupying power — America in an Arab land — with no allies at our side. It would have been disastrous."[12]
is this the best you can do for a comeback..
Re: Thrown Gauntlets....

think how boring longride's, buz's, other's life would be without me...

My work is done here (for today anyway)
That was Black thunder not Choclate thunder
Have you checked reliability, maintenance intervals, and the like? When was the last time you saw engines grenading like they used to do in the 80's? Heck, MY lap times keep getting faster on virtually stock bikes. THe brakes work through the entire session, no fade. The (titanium) valve adjustment interval on my 06 R6 ( yeah, yeah, I know it only turns 16K RPM) is 24,000 miles!!
As someone that races at WSIR track times definatly do not stay the same.

If you look at the lap records for various WSMC classes you'll notice -

the oldest WSMC class record is from 1996 for formula singles (which was probably made by a non-production bike)

~80% of the records were all made in the last couple years

Also note - the 500 GP record at that track is a 1.25 set by Eddie Lawson in 1991. The current 600 super stock record is a 1:21 ... and that's a 500 2-stroke GP race bike vs a stock 600 street bike.

So bikes have definatly gotten a lot faster around a track, half of it might just be better tires though, but a lot of it is the bikes too.
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