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Brock's Performance Cracks 200 MPH on the ZX-14.

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It will be comforting for the average working stiff on a budget to know that the ZX-14 will do 200 mph with only a few bolt-on parts.

Some of us thought we might have to cut into our beer budgets to be able to do 200 mph on the way home from the bar Friday night.
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Want to improve the performance of your motorcycle? Learn to ride!

I had a friend who had a cruiser SuZook ask me if I used the front brake!! ( I ride a BMW RS and a Yamaha sportbike) Say what? THAT my friends is an accident waiting (not for long) to happen.

I took him out to a parking lot and we did some braking drills and got him over his fear of the front brake and now he rides a bit better. Braking and swerving is next! THAT should be interesting!
Wait for the ZX-14 Concours next year. Bags, shaft drive and as they say on the Right Coast "Wicked Fast!" I am tempted to get rid of the BMW and go this route. Heck I really need that power to haul my 140 pounds around!

BTW I have been to the Freddie School - it really is a great educational experience. It changed my riding (for the better) a large amount.
I thought they used to call it jungle fever?
You could just trade up to next year's Connie.
Re: I like George Sr.

"Trickle down Economics" or "Reaganomics" is a great policy if you're rich.

If you're on your game you'll give the rich big tax breaks while we are at war, the first time ever.

Our Children face a grim legacy in many ways, our record setting national debt removes many options.
Hey that's a great idea... Then folks can handicap the race.. Mythical bets of course...

think about the number of things to bet on..

Well kpaul show? will longride show? Can kpaul's Ninja run with the 2 times bigger cc Hayabusa?

Re: I like George Sr.

Don't forget Kerry and the rest of the libs criticized Bush 1 because he didn't "finish the job."
Except for wheel size, and a disc rather than a drum on the back; the EX500 hasn't changed since 1986. (styling changes in '94 excluded)

Still, it is(was) a good bike. Ditching the flexi-frame, adding better brakes and a decent suspension - would have been sufficient to sell EX500's for at least another 10 years. Instead, Kawi killed it with the EX650/ER-6N.
.......O' some Chips an' Pie..........
Or the ZX-14 "Mule" - due out in '08. Fastest ATV Pickup in the whirld.................
that's "whirled"[/i].

Gaah! Drive myself Bug-Four-Asterisk-ing-Nuts when I slip on the Proof-read!
I haven't used a handicap since my first golf tournament, I was 9. You win or you lose, period.
Yea I have a 1991 EX500, I even took it to my first track day and it held up pretty well definatly showed me how much it's the rider not the bike (passed several 600 sport bikes at streets of willow)

But I would like a better bike, one with two front disks, pegs that won't scrape and quieter (mine came with a aftermarket exaust)

I don't see myself selling it any time soon though for $1200 bucks it's just too practical to warrent selling.
It easy. It's called a 95" kit, a set of cams, and port the head. Even someone like you could manage that. Gets 100hp/100tq if you do it anywhere near right. I figure if you do the labor it's all of 700 bucks.
Many people would find it smart to buy a 60 hp engine and then work it with big effort and money to 100 hp. And those same many people would believe that it would be as good as some other machine that was originally designed and engineered to 100hp.

- cruiz-euro
wonder what the terminal velocity of a falling connie would be, would it crack 200?
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