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Broken Spoke Saloon Widens Its Horizons.

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Sounds like he,s a lttle underwhelmed with his success.Congrats to him.First post...
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This is in no way connected with brokeback mountain, right?
The way the "Hog" crowd eats, he might want to widen his doors.
It was hard to figure out what's there now and what is going to be there. Someone go and report back.
One of my best friends is trying to convince me to make the 1600 (each way) mile trip this year. This article has made it a lot more tempting than I originally thought.

Just got a new Moto Guzzi Breva 1100, which I can envision taking long rides on (compared with my previous bike), but sometimes hours at freeway speeds still freak me out. Decades of only doing short rides in and around suburbia/city makes a day's worth of 70+ MPH interstate tough to get used to.

As big as this is being described, I'm thinking maybe non-Harley riders won't be killed and eaten. ;)

Having sampled the Broken Spoke in 2003 I know first hand that it is a very memorable and interesting place and if you go to Sturgis be sure to stop in. I probably will not return to Sturgis at least during bike week as I prefer riding where there are no large crowds and traffic jams.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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