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I respectfully disagree. I believe the riding public at large is sold on the notion that 2 strokes are filthy devices with narrow powerbands that make the motorcycles they are in hard to ride.

I submit, as evidence, the demise of the 2-stroke in the off-road motorcycle world. Yes, 4-strokes are given a hefty displacement advantage (soon to be revised from what I hear), but the reason they were developed in the first place was to answer customer demand.

It doesn't matter that a similar sized 2-stroke is lighter, more powerful, and can have a powerband just as broad as a 4-stroke (Ridden a late model 300XC-W lately?). The majority believe "Four strokes truck and two strokes suck".

Disclaimer: I have no "facts and/or data" to back this up, just impressions from discussions with other dirt riders over the last 35 years.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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