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Hi Guys,

I'm culling the herd. My cafe BSA B44, my project square-barrel B44 and my project/parts bike B25, plus a pile of engine and bike parts are on the block.

If you are a BSA-nerd, let's talk. I won't ask the world for them, and I think I know what's fair for their age and condition, but I also want them to go to a good home and will take that into account. The bikes, along with their siblings and mother (me) are in NW Washington State.

I hate selling bikes, and if I thought I had the time to do them justice, I wouldn't sell them.....but they need to be built and used, and I'm too busy with other bike projects.

PM me if you are interested, or if you have 1978 T140v parts for sale or trade.

Thanks, Guys!
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