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Just got a call from Rick Sieman a few minutes ago, he reported that Bud Ekins passed away on the 6th of this month.

Famed for his jump on that stone stock Truimph in "The Great Escape", Bud will also be remembered for driving the Mustang in Bullet, his gold medals in the ISDT, and a long movie history as a stunt man. A love for old motorcycles, cars, and being a great guy.

One story that comes to mind; Bud was sitting in his shop, chain smoking French ciggies, when a knock came to the door. One of his cronies answered, and yelled over to Bud "Hey, it's some guy from England here about a motorcycle part".

Sure enough, a man had flown all the way from England, to find a generator for his 1962 Matcheless, since the part was no longer available, anywhere on Earth. Bud climbed up the creaking wooden stairs, to the attic of his shop, rummaged around for a while, and returned with a small cardboard box. Inside was a new generator for the ailing Matchbox.

"Here", said Bud, "Take it". The Englishman was stunned, and asked Bud how much he wanted for the part. Bud replied: "I figure since you flew all the way from England, and showed up here, you deserve it. It's free."

Rest in peace Bud. I'm sure you're roosting around, somewhere way up yonder, on the eternal Rickman Metisse, open pipes and all.


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I just heard today that NHRA-founder Wally Parks died this last month (9/28) as well.
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