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Buell Motorcycle Company's Inside Pass: The Ultimate Track Day will offer demo opportunities on the new Buell 1125R starting in Tooele, Utah at Miller Motorsports Park on September 6, 2007. Track Day participants will get the chance to demo ride the new Buell 1125R as a part of the event.
The Buell 1125R is an all-new, liter-class motorcycle that delivers an artful balance of street and track performance, and also offers power, handling and agility that will take its owner to a new level of riding experience. The 1125R joins the XB and Blast as a third and distinct Buell motorcycle platform and is expected to arrive in Buell dealerships in late 2007. The most unique feature of the 1125R is the new Helicon engine with 1125cc DOHC V-Twin, the first liquid-cooled engine to power a street-legal Buell motorcycle.
Inside Pass: The Ultimate Track Day is a new program for 2007 that opens premium race tracks around the U.S. to riders of all brands and gives them the opportunity to test ride the latest Buell models on-track during the event. For more information on the Buell 1125R or Inside Pass, including a full listing of locations, visit

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I'll find out when the local dealer is getting a demo

I really would like to ride it.

I test rode a Hypermotard S yesterday. Very nice. Light and flickable. The motor has excellent midrange (very Buellish) but could use a little more punch on top which of course could be fixed with some Termi slipons and a new chip to get rid of the leanness.

Their waiting list is 15 deep for the S model and 5 deep for the regular one. I wouldn't be able to take delivery until the end of Sept. That made the Tuono and yellow 1098 just sitting there very tempting. :cool:

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Yeah, rather than me spending >$500 one of youse guys in SoCal can go check it out in Harbor City tomorrow.

However I did join the contest for the free track day. I'll bet it'll be in the mail any second!
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