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If you read the Erik Buell interview you'll get a sense of the on-goings of the 1125R. From what I've read, so far, it's a good bike with very few flaws. Not a 1098 killer, but a great step forward in American Sportbike production. It will find an audience and sell in the numbers that Buell and HD need to make it a successful model. In 2yrs I would expect the refined machine to push nearly 1098 numbers and the 1125r motor should find it's way into other models. Now, if HD were listening they could do a nice dumbed down version for an all-new XR Sporty. Better frame, obviously.
You may be right,but I dont think a ROTAX engined Sporty is in the least for the US. The Buell and HD crowds are very different..the Buell guys will accept the ROTAX,but the "traditional"HD guy wont buy it and I dont think it wi ould attract a crossover base. The rumor mill has HD developing a water cooled pushrod engine for the Sporty. We'll have to wait and see.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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