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Buell At Daytona

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I could own (and nearly did) an M2. Do those Sportsters have sticky trannys when trying to find neutral? The ones I rode (both of them) did.

Or do you do as my friend does riding his Triumph 750 Bonne. Neutral? I just hold the clutch it at the light.
Speed TV should have it. The Daytona 200 has gotton as high up the ladder as ESPN2 a couple of years. Check your Sunday Paper TV magazine listings next week. Otherwise, check Cycle News - it's in there. Be careful, some cable outfits rebroadcast races later. They really jerk the WSB and MotoGP around but usually the Daytona is broadcast live. Thank God it's between all the major sports seasons!
The rules were written for buell two years ago and the best they finished was dismal...

Oh Please Stop with the B.S. Unfair UnAmerican

""We started with our Buell Firebolt XB12R model, which has wonderful handling, and did the modifications allowed by the AMA rules," said Buell. "

Right we started with a Buell Firebolt (1203cc) then we gave it a new larger engine (1339cc ) , new fairing, new etc...

So OK if I am Suzuiki can I take a 600 stuff a 750 cc engine in it and race against the Buell. No Mr. Yamaha We are American bigots Only American made bikes get to have their own rules i.e. no rules. If this was a European/Japanese vendor doing this in a European/Japanese Race you Buellers would be all over it as being unfair.
Man that Wisc. cheese must have been good. Or was it the hooker in Milwaukee.. :)
Buell is buying and cheating

Huh Buell is buying and cheating...
Suzuki should enter 750s masked as 600s Mladin wins easily. 636 ZX-7R Kawasaki ....

I think under protest Suzuki should race 750s as 600s. Even if disqualified they would win and prove a point.......Kawasaki should enter 636 then the T. Hayden and Eric Bostrom win....Heck bring the ZX-7R out of retirement....
Honda beat Ducati, should they beat Buell now.. would the AMA let them

You think Honda will build a air-cooled V-Twin just to show it can beat the Buell like they did to liquid cooled RC51 over the Ducati 998...
Wouldn't it be a real hoot if the AMA re-introduced the claiming rules which were in effect (for a while) in the days of class "C" racing? I can hear the wails of protest from both Buell and Honda.. And the cries of delight from privateers with fairly deep pockets.

At least Buell is not furnishing truly special parts to only the Factory Team, but is making at least a limited number of such goodies available to a larger group - though maximum of 50 machines still seems kind of a small number.
Re: Oh Please Stop with the B.S. Unfair UnAmerican

OK but to comply with the rules you'll need to ditch the liquid cooling...
Finding neutral requires an, ah, delicate touch. However, with the exception of a misadjustment after a dealer servicing (easily corrected), it has never been a problem.
Buell is OIL cooled too.

"The Buell XBRR features a modified XB Thunderstorm 1339cc (103.6mm bore x 79.4mm stroke) air/oil-cooled V-Twin motor rated at 150-hp (measured at the crankshaft)." see link
One Man's Opinion: Hardly Legal, Son

"This year's Daytona 200 is shaping up to be deja-vu of the 1994 Indy 500. The American Buells, with engines 339cc over the maximum allowable size for AMA Superbike, will be racing against Japanese bikes that are 300cc below the minimum size for Superbike." from One Man's Opinion: Hardly Legal, Son
Re: One Man's Opinion: Hardly Legal, Son

right, Honda probably could do that. but they DIDN'T. Hello, everybody gets to read the rulebook and make their plans accordingly.
Re: One Man's Opinion: Hardly Legal, Son

A big difference with Indy '94 was that the entrant, Roger Penske, tried to point out the pushrod engine rule loophole to the sanctioning body, USAC. If you don't plug this hole, I'm gonna hafta build a damn motor to take advantage of it, Roger warned. They didn't; he did.

Now that this previously undiscovered FX loophole has been exposed, I wonder if others will take advantage of it. Elsewhere, someone opined that Ducati might be able to wrap their air-cooled motor in a 999 chassis and sell it as a production racer. Punched out to 1340cc, it would leave the Buells--and everyone else--in the dust.
Excellent Post

I agree Ducati could do it quickly... Good info thanks.
then all they'd have to do is duct tape a couple pushrods to the outside of it. yes, it's an air-cooled pushrod twin.
Are you referring to Ducati?

Pushrods aren't mentioned in the AMA FX rules, so a Ducati SS1000 would be treated the same as a Buell XB12R.
AMA Formula Xtreme motorcycles are based on production fourstroke street motorcycles. The motorcycles in this class must have the following engine displacements:

450cc - 600cc 4-stroke multi cylinders

595cc - 750cc 4-stroke liquid-cooled twin cylinders

850cc - 1350cc 4-stroke air-cooled twin cylinders...

Twin-cylinder air-cooled motorcycles:

Engine modifications are unlimited
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