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Buell at Laguna Seca.

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Re: O yes Buell's first big win...

I don't need to say first post *****es bec. I am poster.
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Re: Speaking of

Rossi will probably be riding one in MotoGP next year. It will have frame sliders on the pushrod tubes.
Re: It's not the carbs...

Yeah because in the 1850s you died when you were about 50 cuz you were so healthy.
Re: It's not the carbs...

Americans are fat by choice, not from some backroom planning by fast food chains and drug companies.

I've been fit all my life and I managed to escape the clutches of the evil tobacco companies as well.

E-glider finally figured out at 50 that slamming 1/4 pounders makes one fat. Imagine!

I agree, Americans are fat. They got that way all by themselves though.
1 - 3 of 72 Posts
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