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Buell BattleTrax Series

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Love the look of those Buells. I wish I had one to participate with.
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I demo'd a Buell Firebolt recently at the Cycle World International Motorcycle show in Chantilly VA. We went on a 15 mile loop, during which we weren't allowed to ride the bike at anywhere near the pace it needs to ridden in order to make any meaningful judgements. It made a couple impressions on me though. The first is that the bike is really small. That, combined with the strange styling, makes it feel like a toy more than a motorcycle. Also, the vibes at idle are outrageous. It smooths out once you get going but holy cripes! It's like a paintshaker. Finally, the exhaust pipe dumps its pulses out of the left side right in front of the rear tire right onto the riders leg. The first time I felt this at startup it startled me. After I got used to it, it reminded me of being humped in the ankle by a small dog. I could never own this machine after that bit of violation.
I want to think that my RC51 would do well but..

I'm sure a 250 dual purpose is the best choice.

oh well, I'll try to make the competition when it comes around in Pa.,

which would be my closest venue.
You don't need a Buell to compete. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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