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Buell Lightning Mirrors?

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I got a pair of Napoleon mirrors for my '05 City X for the same reason. They vibrate far less and are a larger rectangle. I got mine from , where I got my exhaust can for my V-Strom. $46.95 per set (long stem).
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Those aren't the mirrors vibrating. It's your eyeballs.
Check out this britt site. Apparently Buells are the Shizzle over there. This one site alone has more stuff than everywhere else I've seen.

Keep the mirrors; that's not the problem. Trade the bike for a Ridley. Same H-D Evo, just tweaked a little differently. I've heard they're real smoooth throughout the rev range. Might cost you a little extra, though. Used Ridleys are tough to come by and the new ones are commanding top dollar.
Get the bar-end mirrors from Al Lighton at American Sport Bike. They don't vibrate much, although the small diameter limits the view. They sure do look cool on the XB, however.

Alternative: get your head on a swivel.

Suggestion: All of your Buell-specific questions will be answered at the indispensable Badweatherbikers, the dedicated Buell BBS.

Go here.
I think what the guy said about bar end mirrors is interesting. I don't know if they vibrate more or less, but they are they only was to go if you are actually interested in seeing behind you. At first, I worried about them getting broken if I ever dropped my VFR, but they would actually be about the cheapest thing on the whole bike to replace.
I recently put CRG Hindsight LS mirrors on my '04 Lightning and am absolutely satisfied with them. Vibration seems to affect them less and the optics are light-years ahead of OEM. I originally bought these purely to get rid of the bug-antenna OEM mirrors for aesthetic reasons, but I was pleasantly surprised by the gains in rearward visibility. They're not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Highly recommended!
Thanks for the info on the Buell BBS as well as the mirrors! The owl-like neck swivel mechanisms don't work well here in MT... too windy!
+1 for CRG Hindsights. Had them on my Duc. and liked them enough to keep when I sold it.
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