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Buell Milestone

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That's nice I guess.

I like Buell's in that they are American, but it is always hard to justify buying one without that caveat if you compare them to other bikes in the same price range.
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Good for Buell. They've come a long way.

I'd like to see Buell diversify the product line a bit futher now. The new XB12TT is just a CityX with the 12 motor and unpainted plastic which you have to paint.

That's not exactly a new model in my eyes.
I liked the one Buell I rode. It's what Norton could have become.

When's the HD XR750 coming to the US?
Check out the XR1200 on page 10 of cycleworld. Fantastic
kpaul suggestions for Buell i.e to sell 200,000 bikes

[*]Invest and build a new engines. 750 and 1000 V-Twins liquid cooled

[*] Add a sport tourer i.e Firebolt with raised bars lowered pegs, ABS with hard bags like the old ST they used to sell

[*] Run in AMA Superbike and Supersport series with bikes with the new engines. Get hip Bostrom brothers to ride and star in commercials on MTV, ESPN, Fox, CW, Spike and USA

[*] Give discount or special financing to vets and military personnel

[*] Give bikes to celebrities i.e. VIP demos Tom Cruise, etc

[*] Give loaner bikes to the major rags and web sites

[*]Renew Buell Blast trade in program i.e new riders by a Buell Blast with a special trade in deal for bigger Buell

Go after Gen Y and X in a big way.
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Agreed. Good Catch
I'm surprised that company, I can't recall the name, had a surplus of 100,000 motors from 1902.
Re: kpaul suggestions for Buell i.e to sell 200,000 bikes

I totally agree they need a new engine, but I am not sure whether they can afford designing and building a new one. They are competing against the Japanese who have, say, 500 experienced engineers working on the engine department, top notch production lines waiting for re-tooling and honed hi quality subcontaractor networks ready. How do you beat these guys having the other eye on the quarterly results, tough game.

Hats off for Mr. Buell though, see what he has to wrk with and where he is now.

- cruiz-euro
Thanks Buz

Thanks for making my point on the Aprilia thread. i.e. If folks want distinctive engines Buell could build them. Look at Aprilia, Ducati, KTM and Triumph. I agree my inline 4 is not distinctive. My point is they don't have to make the Triumph mistake of building an inline 4 600cc sportbike. They can build a modern V-Twin and sell a ton of bikes.
Where is Mscuddy? what will he do to celebrate? hit EB with cream pie? Did we get to bottom of probrem or what?
Re: kpaul suggestions for Buell i.e to sell 200,000 bikes

Aprilia did it. Ducati did it. KTM did it. I think HD has the money but not the intelligence/long-term vision to do it. Not everyone wants a cruiser or a V-Rod especially Gen Y and X. You go up against the Japanese by being different. Triumph learned the hard way not to compete with an inline 4 with TT600.
Yep they fixed it. He is back in denial again... :) just kidding. In this case denial is riding around on bike with a inferior engine.

When I got the E-Mail from Buell, I was for a moment just blown away. Then I realized it was my bike with different tires.

WTF? That's just silly.
My last visit to the HD dealer to remind myself that I'm too short for the 06 Uly gave me the opportunity to ask the same question, "So when are you gonna put out a street legal XR 750?". I didn't even get a chuckle.
well i love thee xb9 engine myself, but i don't know why we can't have something newer also, give people a choice at least—and get people like yourself, who would never consider anything with old sportster engine, to sample a Buell. I imagine something must be in the works. mustn't it?
The definitive idea......

O.K. Check this out....

Take Buells Chassis, longitudinally mount a 1000 cc liquid cooled I-4, with a transmission that has some 90 deg. gear arrangement, that will allow the use of either the existing belt drive, or if that won't handle it then go to a conventional chain.

Stick the radiator(s) wherever they will fit.

Only downside, a little heavier, and some Torque Rock. Maybe the longer swingarm off of the XB12SS.

Whatcha think?
Re: Ditto.

I'll bet that paint contest got you all revved up though.
I hear they're thinking of putting a British motor in it.

Kind of like revers Jagrolet. Buelluar?
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