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I have to agree that Harley makes plenty of money to develop a new sportbike. I'm sure I can't think of a better way to ***** that money away on a wasted effort than that. Everyone can see how fantastically successful the American sportbike market is. We all see the new American sportbike manufacturers are coming out of the woodwork. Tons of money being made here, right? How is Harley stupid enough to miss this? Here's how. People aren't going to buy it because it's American, and there is no way they can make it a fast, or as cheap as the Japanese. But you'll buy it because it's an American product, right? That's the biggest lie since 'The check is in the mail'. Just ask GM and Ford how the 'buy American' schtick is working out for them these days. Harley just asked for concessions from thier labor union. I doubt the glorious new American sportbike is coming soon, despite all the time and effort we all spend thnking of ways to lose Harley a boatload of money. All of you need to thank Harley. They saved you all from the effort inventing new excuses not to buy a sportbike from them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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