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Assuming you meant you are actually looking, and Not "not looking," my advice is to do your research first.

That motor is at a fairly high state of tune. The wrong pipe can really screw up its performance.

One option to consider is to send your can (the muffler, that is) to a shop to have it "re-done" for max flow, while maintaining the proper backpressure and harmonic properties.

A buddy did this a couple years ago for his XB9. It sounded like a hotrod Chevy and ran great, except the front tire was always coming off the ground. A big added benefit to this option is you get to keep your jacking point. Few, if any aftermarket cans will do that.

And, even if you were being facetious, the "Loud Pipes Save Lives" argument is horse-hockey. The only folks that hear you are the ones NOT in front of you. And like Miss Sachi says, all it does is p!ss those people off.

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