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Buell Officially Announces Intent To Build Off-road Bike.

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Which of their two engines will Buell use in the off road closed course competition bike, the 1200 V twin or the under powered Blast single?
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Cool. Now the sportsbike AND dirt bike crowd can ***** about the Buell motor, excellent.
Got some really outside of the box thinkers that work for a company with REALLY deep pockets... Could be something pretty cool! This may be the platform to launch a new, light compact, (more) modern powerplant that could find it's way into other models.

Who knows?

hmmm must be pretty far along too. Invite EB over for ****tails and get out the water board...
I agree. Unless they plan on doing more of a Beemer GS they kind of need to, don't they?

"an off-road, closed-course competition motorcycle"

--That doesn't sound like a GS to me. So I'm assuming if it is a competition dirt bike it's going to be 450cc or less, which doesn't match anything they offer currently.

So there will be entirely new motors everyone can complain about!

Half the Buell dealers don't even want Buell *road* bikes in the showroom next to the bread & butter. What are they gonna do with a dirt bike?
They can stack the bread and butter next to each other and jump 'em with the Buell dirt bike?

They can add fireworks and cheerleaders if it makes it fit in better.
Should be interesting...

Should be interesting.

Buell always comes up with some very unique answer to making an over sized under reving under achiving engine and transmission work in a totally cool bike.

Common Buell!!! Do what ever it takes to get us a new engine design.

One does wonder with all the unique ideas Buell comes up with what they could come up with in a clean sheet designed engine.
Now maybe they can give us a real single cylinder street bike. Been looking for something like that for quite some time and I ain't gonna buy a Indian Enfield although the Enfield style is just fine.
Har! I've been looking long and hard at a Ulysses and from what I can tell reading the various forums, a dirt bike (no matter how good) is not the answer to any problems Buell has. Start by cleaving Buell from HD dealers and allow them to merge in with the dealer that sells sport bikes. Then have a look at the motor, etc.
I'd be thrilled if they just put the Ulysses tail on the Lightning Long.
This about the dumbest idea to come out of Wisconsin in long time.. Hey Erik you need to get out more. Go see those new V-Twins they are making in Europe
It's the Aprilia/Rotax 450.
They're most likely using a new V-Twin from Europe...the aforementioned Aprilia/Rotax 450.

But I suppose asking you to read the comments preceding yours would be asking too much.


--The Fox
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C'mon now the great motorcycle prophylactic has made up his mind, you can't expect facts or logic to sway him
The Uyli's a pretty fun bike. The only beef I had with it was the 46 foot turning radius
Makes the fast food drive thru kinda scary, eh?
Maybe HD has the plans in the vault for the old Spanish Two-strokes they used to build. Now, thoses'd be unique and one of the most modern of Harley engines!
Not the twin. It's a single.
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