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I remember shopping for a S3T. I went to the Int'l M/C Show in Atlanta, and the Buell exhibit was across the aisle from the Triumph display (back when they did that kind of thing).

I sat upon a blue S3T. It looked ok. I then saw the Sprint ST, also blue, directly in front of me. Went, sat, was smitten.

The Triumph looked so much better in fit and finish, it made the Buell look home-made.

Then I rode a Sprint, and heard that Triple howl! Hooo-wee!

And, the Sprint was cheaper than the S3T.

IMHO, the only advantages the S3T had over the Sprint were the hydraulic lifters and the belt drive. And they have a better selection of t-shirts.

I'm riding my second ST (an '03), and love it!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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