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First post!

Kroil is the solution you seek. Look for it at specialty hardware dealers. You might find it at a home improvement store.

If you've tried heat, beware, you may have already galled the threads and you might be screwed.

Did they budge at all?
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Re: The answer is....

Harsh language!

Failing that, did you try kicking it?

Temper tantrums help, too.
"Officer, may I suggest using your nightstick?"

I agree, I've found that the nastiest of stuck bolt can not withstand a good verbal assault. It's just a matter of finding the right combination of foul language to get them to break.
Give some penetrating oil a shot and then the big breaker bar again. Gotta snap that bar and not torque it, if you get my drift. Two man operation here. One holds the torx fitting in the head bolt, and the big guy snaps that breaker bar with a quick motion. Either the bolt comes out or the bolt head snaps off. Good luck.
Bail Out the Burnsie

Dude, just call your local M-B dealer and ask to speak to the service department. Or try an M-B know, the kind with the white lab coat, surgically clean workshop, and answers to Hans or Harmutt. I'm sure these guys do it everyday and will tell you some simple thing that 'll make you go "Duh-Oh!". Good luck.
Mr. Burns,

Sell it. Buy the wife a nice boring Camry or a Honda Oddity minivan. The 190 was a fake Mercedes to begin with. Sell it to another sucker.......
If I remember correctly, it's Lefty loosey, Righty tighty. That should do it
Re: Bail Out the Burnsie

Maurice say lefty loosey...
One thing that has worked for me is to soak a piece of cloth with penetrating oil, place the cloth on the bolt(s), and walk away for a day. You may have be a bit creative with the cloth, but the idea is to keep the bolts "wet" and give the oil time to work in as deep as possible. Then use the long breaker bar to snap the head off the bolt as you cuss like a sailor.

Good luck.
Try the following, take the car out for a spin and bring it up to operating temprature, drive into the garage and try removing those bolts while the engine is still hot (be careful).

Good luck.

Patrick Christen
Mr. Burns,

I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to be insulting. You are one of my favorite motojournalists, and I thought that it's likely the best course of action. Kind of like your opinions on various bikes. Some of them just aren't worth sinking resources into. I hope I'm wrong and it works out.

Sean Smith

Electric impacts are only reasonable facsimiles of the real thing. Get a 1/2" drive air unit and start at 120 psi. Raise as needed.

little tough to drive with the cam and ignition and all that off...
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