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The movie is about Anthony Hopkins playing a role he had always wanted to play and took the opportunity of "The World's Fastest Indian" to do it. It's a fun movie and entertaining, but doesn't really tell the story. You have to read the book, which goes into great detail about precisely what Burt Monro did to make his Indian Scout motor go faster.

There were more than a few back then that fabricated amazing stuff in their garages or basements. Every part of that old Indian motor could be made in an ordinary garage machine shop, which is not true today. We crossed that line in about the '70s. But, for all us garage mechanics who have cut, filed and machined motor parts we can really appreciate Monro's dedication to his hobby. There's no one alive today that could do what he did - that era's gone. It's too easy and cheap to replace the whole motor. And motors today are so highly engineered that they can't be duplicated in a garage. Today's home engineer works with software...
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