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agree in principle, but you math doesn't add up

let's see - 12.3 tons is 27,060 lbs. even if each pound of gasoline transformed with 100% efficiency into greenhouse gases, it would take 4,510 gallons to do it. at an average 15 miles per gallon your mr gas sucker would have to drive 67,650 miles per year (and that is if indeed each pound of unleaded indeed produced a pound of gases). somehow i find that hard to swallow and it doesn't help the rest of your arguments.

also keep in mind that for every dollar spent on gas, a significant portion goes to your government (whether that's good or bad is a matter of opinion), and a much more significant portion goes to profit the multinational but at least partially american oil companies, and to some degree their american employees and stockholders - as well as all the americans who supply, run and maintain all the necessary equipment, etc.

further, of all the oil america uses only a portion comes from the arab world. and it's done in no small measure to preserve our own reserves so that when there's less of the stuff around, we'd be the ones who still have some.

now, all that said, i do agree that SUVs are an abomination before common sense and whatever deity you choose to worship. the biggest problem is that it takes about 10 times as much energy to manufacture a vehicle (think melting lots of steel, for one) than it would use in its total service life. and THAT is why SUVs suck - it takes that much more industrial pollution to PRODUCE the damned things.

my personal solution to the problem - i only drive for pleasure, which is a couple thousand miles a year and mostly at track days (both car and bike). i telecommute 99% of the time, i walk to grocery store, movies and restaurants. i haven't wasted even an hour of my life in rush hour traffic in the last 10 year.

if you want a solution, do something that really changes things - not shuffling numbers around. one liter or six, pollution is still pollution.
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