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Buy a Harley and Lose Your Job

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Re: Buy a Harleyand Lose Your Job

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Oh those wacky blue staters!

It's not early for me. Us red staters are up at the crack of dawn working our butts off, paying taxes and planning to oppress minorities while every single blue stater in the country is laying in bed with a crack *****, smoking dope and waiting to get a welfare check!

Hmmmmmm. On second thought I think I'll move back to a blue state!
That was simply amazing, wasn't it?
That's just silly. It's not like BMW offers a bike that's in anyway comparable to an Aprilia Tuono or a Mille or a Falco.

It's also possible that if word gets around the business might lose more trade because of loss of good will due to such firing practices. I know that I would never frequent any motorcycle dealership that fired employees for such stupid reasons. Word of mouth is an extremely important source of customers.
Re: Get on his ass Gabe!

I think we have a new candidate for the "KPaul Memorial Stupidest Idea" award.
Re: Be glad you're not in Mexico

Yeah. No wonder they can't get jobs there. Who'd hire anybody? For that matter, I can't figure out why anyone would put up with the incredible regulatory problems of running a business or being a landlord in the People's Revolutionary Collective of California.
Re: Ummm...

Uhhh, that was satire. I was simply trying to demonstrate the stupidity of "red state - blue state" generalizations.

Anyhow, if some blue states are richer than some red states then, by your very own belief system, you are required as an "evil rich state" to give wealth to "poor oppressed states", right? So what are you complaining about? It's your precious wealth redistribution scheme. Tax the rich! Give to the poor. What's the complaint? Wealth redistribution is the chief belief of the liberal fer crissakes.
Re: I think he has something here

ROTFL! How the f%$k can the people who gave us Johnson and Carter complain about anybody else? LOL! The damage caused by those two incompetents is breath-taking.
Re: I think he has something here

Oh, worse than Hoover, huh?

F***ing idiot.
You're right. If you tried to retaliate against every middle management idiot in a suit you ran into each day you'd have time for nothing else.

That attempt to pretend that "liberalism" makes better businessmen is pretty good isn't it?
Today is Friday F***ing Free For All.

Don't worry. KPaulBandito will be banned again soon and things will go back to their normal polite well-organized state!
Hey, I don't care if they ban the Bandito or not. I just think that he will finally get so insufferable again that Sean will once again say "enough".

If I want the latest propaganda lies from the DNC (or RNC) I can get it direct from their websites and running dogs in the press. No need for the Bandito to mindlessly repeat it here.

And furthermore I bet you that in reality I'm even more anti-establishment than you are. So there. Nyaaahhh!
Just like people go through the stages of dealing with an alcoholic, so people go through the stages of dealing with kook. First they try reason. Then insult. Then they advocate violence. Then they simply bow to the inevitable.

Maybe we should start a support group. I'll donate the first 50 rounds. By "support group" I meant artillery support, of course.
Re: Yes, that was definitely clear as mud

I'm still trying to figure out where he gets the idea that the term "competitive marketplace" has anything to do with running a BMW dealership. BMW has its guaranteed customers and the dealerships are apportioned so that they don't compete with each other.

Like an HD dealership, it's just a license to print money.
"Those smart fellas use campaigns of 'creative disinformation' to manipulate the undereducated and prejudiced hicks into voting their way."

Just wondering which political party you are referring to. Sounds like any of 'em.
Re: Need to research before you talk

No one is allowed to escape Utopia. Especially you. Remember the late and unlamented Soviet Union? You'd think these guys would get a clue eventually.
I think that your opinions are "emotional violence". Therefore I should be able to enlist the State to shut you up. Or shut up anyone whose opinions are "dangerous".

Where does it end?

"Economic violence". What an open-ended excuse for totalitarianism.
Libertarians are too cheap to ever get anywhere. They also abhor collectivism which ensures they can never compete with the two great sheeple parties.
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