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Buy a Harley and Lose Your Job

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Re: Buy a Harleyand Lose Your Job

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Don't be sorry about anything. Booting Sportbikebandit in the ass with your first post will go a loooooooong way to getting you a GPTB membership right out of the box. No prospecting for this guy. Maybe officer material too!
Nothin' like a free-for-all on a Friday. Get it all out guys. I've sensed the pent-up aggression. You can all thank me later.
Get on his ass Gabe!

I'm sure you take offense at what this guy just said!
I can assure you the owner it taking a terrifitc beating. He is currently not accepting any emails and he will probably shut his phone off soon. I wonder how business is NOW??
Re: Are you that self unaware?

He said he doesn't own a TV. Maybe his fantastic "liberal employers" need to give him a raise.
I think he has something here

"Liberals surround themselves with other viewpoints because they deem it necessary for a healthy society to have many viewpoints. How can you make an effective decision without having all the different viewpoints in advance?"

Now I can understand why, after 4 years as President, Jimmy Carter was unable to remove his thumb from his ass! Thanks for clearing that one up. It had me stumped.
Dude, you should have quit when you just looked like half a moron. Now you just spent another 1000 words looking like a complete one.
Re: Ummm...

"Wealth redistribution is the chief belief of the liberal fer crissakes"

Yeah, as long as it's sombody ELSE'S wealth.

Why do I have visions of Gabe's delicate features getting contortions, and the hair on the back of his neck standing up every time someone says "liberals" in a condscending tone? I thought liberals were the "tolerant" ones?? LOL
I don't think I could make liberals look any worse than he is doing. This guy didn't just step on his ****, but put in in the garbage disposal, and flipped the switch to 'high'.
Re: Yes, that was definitely clear as mud

"What you're saying is that anyone that YOU deem to be a conservative is crooked and stupid. "

I guess he never met Mayor Richard Daley.
Re: eureka!

This is why you are still 'The King'. Elvis had nothin on you JB.
After his response, you can now see why violence is the only answer at times!
Re: Have I covered everything bad about Red State (banjo music playing)

I was wondering what it was an 'alternative' to? Good music perhaps?
Need to research before you talk

Actually 90% of the land mass of Illinois is Republican. You don't get the whole state. You get the great City of Chicago alone......with a big electric fence around it. Even most of the surrounding Burbs like Elmhurst and Naperville are Repubs, but you don't get those either. Between what a white boy like you can afford, and how well I'd bet you can fight, I'd say you should never, ever live there. Maybe Dem Daley can scam you a city job. Doubt it though. Don't include me in your Utopia.
Re: Thanks for the rude awakening Steve (i'll shut up now)

So your twisted definition of 'tyranny' would include employees quitting without the employers consent? Obviously in your f&cked up mind, it would.
1 - 15 of 268 Posts
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