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i'm amazed at the number of posts saying that the guy can sue. hello, people, read the article! michigan (like CA, where I live) considers all employment to be 'at will' which means you or your employer can terminate the relationship at any time for any reason.

He has no recourse legally AT ALL.

I had a similar experience when I was living in wisconsin- I was working as a server administrator in the IT department of the state government- I was actually in charge of the email servers for all the state senators and reps, and the governor, too. Anyway, I was a contractor. I new the newly hired head of IT was trying to get rid of all the contractors in the department. I didn't want to get fired so I was doing everything exactly by the book. Eventually, I was the only contractor left working there. One day I came in, and my immediate supervisor wanted to talk to me. He offered me a permanent job there on staff. I told him I was extremely interested (public employee benefits in wisconsin kick ass) he went to talk to the deprtment head, came back 5 minutes later and told me I was fired for wearing baggy pants. We had a dress code, and what I was wearing (dress shirt and khakis) was and always had been acceptable. I talked to the boss, and he told me that the way I dressed was just too flashy. i'll never forget this. he said, "if you were working in advertising or something, what you wear would be fine. But we're in tech support. People expect us to look like geeks." obvious bull****. I checked with a lawyer, and since wisconsin does the 'at will' thing too, there was nothing i could do. Really sucked.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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