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The Employer is within his rights as an employer, but may have shot him self in the foot as a service provider to the public.

The just fried employee can if he so chooses attempt to sue his past employer, at his cost and the only real winner would be the attorneys.

The past employee also has the right to try his past employer in the court of public opinion, just as this forum is doing, and further to ask all people that become involved to not utilize his past employers place of business.

Yes the employer is tyrannical in his actions, but legal.

We often when we accept employment we also accept many conditions, and unfortunately the "Boss" has many powers to do what they want that are not fair.

The "Boss feels like he "owns" his employees and the money he pays them, so he feels is justified in dictating these things. Employees that fear him do as they are asked. In fact this Boss and the scared employees are also robbing all of us of our freedoms.

The employees are paid for their time and after they receive payment. They have the right to do with their money as they want. The Boss is treating prospective customers badly. To some respect the problem is corrected, the past employee is now working for other hopefully betters owners and the past employer has lost a valuable employee to serve his customer base. The past owner also has lost a customer and made his point/position well known.

Many other businesses sell the same products, and very likely provide better service.

So the past employee also has the right to take his case to the public forum and even ask that we the public think it over and choose to vote in our dollars to support or dispose of said Boss and place of business.

I for one will vote against the past employer and attempt to sway others to do the same.

That’s "free market politics" in action.

It’s the American way.

B Cox

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