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I guess this is my first post on the boards. It's a shame it's just because I got annoyed enough by all the political things that are brought up by some of the people on, well, many of the political sides (conservative, liberal, moderate, etc.) that it distracts from the story and get frustrating sifting through it all.

May I ask why eveything in these times must be related somehow to politics? In my opinion his boss was a jerk and that has nothing to do with whether he's a liberal or conservative, or anyone in the government.

Motorcycles are machines and not exactly a red-state/blue-state thing or a "W's in the White House issue". My opinion: If you want to discuss politics (unless the story here is based on politics .. helmet laws, weird laws that target motorcyclists, etc.) do it somewhere where people are looking to discuss them..

It'd be nice if we could stick to the topic of the psychotic boss that's the real problem and cause of the story, not Bush or Kerry or anyone else.

Once again, I'm sorry that this had to be my first post here, and if you don't agree with what I'm saying here, fine.

I just think it'd be easier for people that are here to read about motorcycles and things that happen with them and not about completely unrelated topics such as who voted on whether or not to have mashed potatos or tater tots as the standard vegetable group for monday lunches in the Milwaukee County School district or whatever.

Let's all have a happy day of arguing and complaining. :)
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