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Buy a Harley and Lose Your Job

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Re: Buy a Harleyand Lose Your Job

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Gee a mechanic has all those superior Yamaha and Polaris products to work on and he goes and buys a Harley?

Go Figure.
I second his nomination.

In the future you can save yourself a lot of superfluous typing by just writing: "KPaul is an idiot."

Everyone will know what you're talking about.
Re: New York Chapter votes...

Since when have you been known for short-winded rants?
Be glad you're not in Mexico

If you terminate an employee in Mexico you have to pay them six months severance.
Re: Ummm...

That's called re-distribution of wealth.

If we were supposed to get back exactly what we paid in then perhaps we should just have no taxes and keep it for ourselves!
I was going to say if you would like an example of a "one viewpoint" mentality, spend some time on a college campus but clearly you have no idea where one is.
Re: Be glad you're not in Mexico

That's why when we started our company 5 years ago we put our headquarters in Colorado. We now have an office in Florida and just little ol' me in California.

My business partner lives in FL and laughs at me everytime he sees my paycheck compared to his.
Re: Be glad you're not in Mexico

How good are you at strong-arming little old ladies?
Oh you know that new SuperGlide is calling you......

Potato Potato Potato
06 or 05?

I would guess the dealers don't have the 06s in yet.

At least you're getting a Dyna. Dyna's are for guys who ride, Softails for those who pose. (At least before the counterbalanced motor).
Re: 06 or 05?

I think the detail work on the Beuells is really great these days. The brackets, clamps, etc. are all top notch. This is traditionally a place where the Japanese totally go el cheapo.
Re: Thanks for the rude awakening Steve (i'll shut up now)

If you had his brain wouldn't you want some law to keep your employer from showing you the door?
1 - 13 of 268 Posts
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