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Buy a Harley and Lose Your Job

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Re: Buy a Harleyand Lose Your Job

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99.9% percent of the people here realize the political BS has no place in almost every discussion on this site.

However, in our "open mind" society, we can't condemn the member(s) that can't come up with constructive motorcycle related thoughts.

Hang around, I think you will enjoy the show and find otherwise, intelligent motorcycle info. between the tears of abuse.

Nothin' like a free-for-all on a Friday. Get it all out guys. I've sensed the pent-up aggression. You can all thank me later.
No, but fire a guy for not showing up or not being able to do his job, and he has a new income from unemployment.

I've been through it 3 times, if the employee does not show "gross misconduct with malicious intent" the employer has no right to fire them.
This is a surprise? I am pretty sure this goes on all the time. I read of a case were a guy was fired for drinking Coors when he worked for Budweiser, or something similar.

Whether or not the firee has grounds for a lawsuit is the question.
I second his nomination.

In the future you can save yourself a lot of superfluous typing by just writing: "KPaul is an idiot."

Everyone will know what you're talking about.
I know someone that bought an Aprillia while working at a BMW dealership. The boss was not too happy.

I don't think being fired is in order, but as a boss you would be disappointed if an employee purchased a competitors product while working for you, no?
Not Quite True

I'm one of those evil, capricious bosses who casually fires people for showing up late or not being able (or willing) to do their job. That is called "firing for cause," and it means the ex-employee does not get unemployment benefits from me. I can and do protest and fight back against these claims. If I fire without cause, and not approving of his choice of motorcycle is not valid cause, then I'd have to pay into the unemployment insurance fund an amount approximately equal to half the employees annual wages (here in Texas, an "employment at will" state).

Firing the guy because I don't like his taste in motorcycles is perfectly legal here in Texas, but I would be financially punished for it by having to pay increased unemployment insurance premiums.

From a marketing point of view, I can certainly understand the managers not wanting his potential custers seeing that an employee prefers another brand of product.
New York Chapter votes...


(Jeez, that was quick. It took me multiple long-winded rants to get nominated. Membership down?)
I don't own a television and yet ... I work for the local cable company. If my supervisors were as knee-jerk (emphasis on the jerk) as this guy's employers, I would be out of a job.

It all boils down to liberalism vs. conservatism.

Liberals surround themselves with other viewpoints because they deem it necessary for a healthy society to have many viewpoints. How can you make an effective decision without having all the different viewpoints in advance? Change is good, 'grey areas' are good, dissention is good (and healthy).

Conservatives surround themselves with one viewpoint because they feel it is the only 'correct' one. Anyone with another viewpoint is wrong and has to be converted or removed. Change is bad, 'black and white' is good because it is clear, dissention isn't tolerated.

My employers are liberal, this poor schmuck's are conservative and so he is out of a job while I'm still working and making my employers money.
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Sure we can, this is a motorcycle site, f**k them if they can't talk about bikes.

The boss sounds like a real ****head, I assume the guys level of competance as a mechanic was acceptable so he just shot himself in the foot. A good service dept. is a draw for a shop and will result in more showroom traffic and sales, whether or not one of the machanics rides the same product that the dealership sells isn't going to effect business one way or the other.

The mechanic will find another job, the shop owner just made himself look like a complete ******* in front of a few thousand people.
Re: Quite True

Welcome to California. One employee was drinking at lunch. One failed to show up 4 days of his first two weeks of work. One flat out could not do the job he was hired to do.

All 3 appeals to a state board, in person, all parties present, resulted in unemployment on my account.

Reasons given above. An employee needs to threaten bodily harm or maliciously damage property to be disqualified.

My feeling is the state of California doesn't want to pay and they get to make the ultimate ruling on the case.
In every jurisdiction where I've practiced, the employer will have to pay full unemployment benefits to the mechanic for the termination, as it was entirely for the employer's convenience.

As to a lawsuit -- unless there was an employment contract (unlikely, in my experience, but not impossible), then no viable suit would lie.

As to 'rights' -- generally 'rights' refer to your relationship to your government, i.e., no deprivation of property without due process, no governmental interference with free speech, assembly, no search or siezure witho warrant, etc., etc. or, as mentioned above, governmentally protected interests, such as provided by civil rights laws (no discrimination bassed on race, creed, etc.). Any other 'rights' you may have, particularly vis a vis an employer arive from legally enforceable promises made in a contract.
Re: New York Chapter votes...

Since when have you been known for short-winded rants?

Blue states, on average, pay more in taxes than they get back in Federal spending...just the opposite in the Red states (not all, but most).

If you do work hard and pay lots of taxes in a Red state, you're a sucker!
I believe that's the first time I've even seen "Polaris" and "superior product" together in the same sentence before.
Be glad you're not in Mexico

If you terminate an employee in Mexico you have to pay them six months severance.
I tell you one thing, If I was a customer of this ****heads (I ride a yamaha, too) I would inform them that they had lost me as a customer, and exactly why. Way to show your customers and potential customers what a douchebag you are.
That was simply amazing, wasn't it?
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