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Good job Gabe. As someone who has bought and resurrected/gave-up-on a passel of used bikes over the years I have to say that this is the most comprehensive advice I've seen.

I'd say that someone who can not do their own major repairs should stay away from bikes more than a few years old.

And Gabe is spot on about being careful that any bike you buy has a good tranny. A 6speed bike has about 12 gears in the tranny and each can cost $100-200 or more. Never mind all the special tools you may need to split the cases.

The only thing I would add is that you can check the bike's actual value at the NADA website. It's the NADA value that the bank or credit union uses to loan money. Kelly Blue Book is much higher and is the value a dealer usually uses to sell a vehicle. Since private parties don't offer financing don't ever fall for the KBB value. Anyhow, that's worked for me. I've simply brought a printout of the NADA value when horsetrading.

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