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Buying a Motorcycle for the Compulsive or Impulsive- Part II

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1st post...oh, and the link doesn't work...doh!
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So Gabe took a bit of a swipe at Alabammy. I have a brother that lives there, so I get down there now and again. Even saw a damn NASCAR race there. Dern near makes me an honorary hillbilly! After reading his jab, I went through the roof! I am certain that I can send Gabe much better homophobic hate mail, and I will have RonXX personally check the spelling too! So there Gabe! Seriously, it was a good article on buying a used bike, and had some good humor. How about an article on selling a used bike in the future? I enjoyed reading this one a lot. Keep up the good work and I might change the mail to just homophobic stuff, but I'll leave the hate out.
Re: duck Trouble

So this guy walks into the doctor's office with a duck on his head.

The doctor asks, "What can I do for you?"

The duck says, "I need you to get this guy off my ass."
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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