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"The fuel-injected 1300 cc Electra Glides have a bulletproof wet clutch that shifts much like an automatic transmission on a car"

Cool. Honda couldn’t pull off the HondaMatic, but I’ll bet that the Motor Company® sells every last ElectraMaticPowerGlide® that rolls off the York assembly line. The gals are really gonna’ love this one. Not only is it low, slow, and oh-so-vibrato, there’s no pesky shifter to scuff your Motorclothes® boots and no annoying clutch "handle" to chew up the fringe on your Motorclothes® gloves.

Nobody knows their customers better than the Motor Company®!

I wonder what letters will appear on the ElectraMaticPowerGlide® gear selector. Will they stick with the tried and true P,R,N,D,L2,L1? Or will they come up with something more suitable for a Harley®, like P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,T (Park, Pose, Primp, Polish, Poke, Trailer)?
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