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I like to pick on the HD boys as much as anyone, but...

There is a reason they are the #2 bike seller. There also is a resaon that they are picked by departments all over the US. The monetary thing is a very strong influence as is the American appeal (whatever that means anymore. Where are those Harley wheels from again?)

If they are comfortable and perform satifactorily, more power to them! As for a performance cycle, how many cops are riding around in 'great' sqauds? I don't think most of them, given a choice would opt to have a Ford Grand Victoria as a sqaud. You get what you get and hopefully it works.

Now if Hummer offered vehicles to the departments for nothing, how many would they have? If Cadillac did, would your average sqaud have spinning wheels? Come to think of it, would people start wanting a ride in the back of a sqaud then?

Again, no matter what they ride or drive, you can't outrun the radio.

Now, can we get Victory to put out a police special? There has to be some competition here. At least as far as v-twins go.

But, wouldn't a Goldwing work better anywho?

paul from Minnesota, happy with my Vmax
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