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CA Police Opting for Hogs over BMW

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Re: EL MONTE CA Area police departments opting for Harley-Davidson over BMW etc..

"Martinez likes the free maintenance program. His Kawasaki Police 1000 motorbike has cost taxpayers $13,000 in repairs over the last two years, he said."

What? Does he crash it every other year?

-- Michael
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Re: How many 100,000 mile Harleys have you seen?

More than you old 85 FLHT is on its third owner(I was first) and has 97k. My neighbor's 87 has 102k(2 top end rebuilds and sundry other fixes but nothing we couldnt do ourselves in a Saturday and a case of Beer).Theres an old ratty shovel running around that was bought new in 67 by my buddy's uncle and has been on the road almost continuously since then with many owners. I dont know how much of the motor is original but all rebuilds have been done by owner or local non-dealer mechanics and I can guarantee it has a lot more than 100k on the clock(which hasnt worked for years).Harleys can be ridden hard for years if you do the routine maintenance and are a reasonably capable backyard mechanic. If you need an article on how to change oil and want to ride it hard and dont have a good local mechanic you can a Honda. If a rainy saturday morning in the garage doing an oil change and a tuneup is fun for you and taking the primary cover of f dont give you can ride one hard and long and get good service
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Re: How much does a de-comissioned bike sell for?

Many of the choppers of the 60's and 70's were built from police bikes bought in police auctions in lots of between 5 and 10 at less than 500 bucks each. Swap meets at the time were full of police seats,bags,lights etc.
Re: How many 100,000 mile Harleys have you seen?

It's Marcus Dairy, not Markus.
Re: EL MONTE CA Area police departments opting for Harley-Davidson over BMW etc..

I thought it was strange that the article said the main reason to switching to H-D was ABS. After all, the BMW's surely offer ABS on the R1150RT. It sounds like an excuse for police to use the bikes they want personally (why I don't know), instead of the bikes that work best.
Re: EL MONTE CA Area police departments opting for Harley-Davidson over BMW etc..

Well they did mention maintenance costs which are surely less on a H-D vs. BMW and don't forget the local politician trying to gain some goodwill buy using taxpayer funds to "buy American."
Re: Suprised more law enforcement don't use Valks

I saw a cop on a Valkyrie awhile back and it looked like Honda made those with that purpose in mind. I know I would rather be on a Valk rather than any Harley chasing a car out on the road. I'll bet the law enforcement groups get really sweet pricing on those Harleys though.
I think there is another reason...why cops want Harleys.

Most time spent on police bike is spent at a standstill, running radar. The springy seat and pillowy suspension is great for this.

Plus, you guys are forgetting an important point. Most cops, and I used to be one, are womanizers and Harleys always get the snakes!
Re: How much does a de-comissioned bike sell for?

That's how I got my 1980 FLHP, a local dealer bought 15 of them at a WSP auction and sold them for $4500. each

Mine had 12k miles on it in stylish Birch white, it had a few scuffs here and there, other than that it was in great shape. I kept it bone stock and sold it with almost 80k miles on it with nothing more than a front exhaust valve and a points conversion, plus regular maintainance

It was pretty gutless, as it was the last year of the 74's but it was reliable as a brick, and got almost 50mpg
Re: How many 100,000 mile Harleys have you seen?

Well if an old bike still runs after umpteenth owner it has nothing to do with durability. Its like a railroad worker asked how many times he's changed his sledgehammer, he said never. The hammer part has been changed 5 times and the handle 11 times but never at the same time.

- cruiz-euro
Re: EL MONTE CA Area police departments opting for Harley-Davidson over BMW etc..

>Also, Kaws overheat when stuck in traffic.

If that was the problem the coppers chose a wrong substitute. They should have gone to watercooled bike obviously.

- cruiz-euro
Re: EL MONTE CA Area police departments opting for Harley-Davidson over BMW etc..

The end of the article says that the consumer version of the ABS Hog will cost you $18,900, before the obligitory dealer gouging, Buz. I'd stick to riding the Brutale if I were you. VWW
Re: How much does a de-comissioned bike sell for?

My neighbor is a Motorcop for the city of Denver. They are offered the Electra glides for about $11-12,000 after the year of use. Most will have 10-15,000 miles on them. If they go back to the leasing company, Grand Junction HD, they get out on the floor and sell for $15-16,000.

BTW, I have ridden his bike a few time. It is sweet and has this really cool horn! Get's everybodies attention.
Re: Whatever It Takes

Nobody forced them to be cops or asked them to "put their lives on the line". I sure didn't, and I would be happy if they simply left me alone, thank you very much. As public employees it is irrelevant if they are happy with whatever the public that is footing the bill decides to choose for them. Otherwise they should look for another profession. Preferably in the voluntary, rather than government-coerced, economy.
Re: EL MONTE CA Area police departments opting for Harley-Davidson over BMW etc..

The BMWs also have a very weak clutch for heavy traffic riding, and don't stand up as well to being tipped over as the Kaws.

"The fuel-injected 1300 cc Electra Glides have a bulletproof wet clutch that shifts much like an automatic transmission on a car"

Cool. Honda couldn’t pull off the HondaMatic, but I’ll bet that the Motor Company® sells every last ElectraMaticPowerGlide® that rolls off the York assembly line. The gals are really gonna’ love this one. Not only is it low, slow, and oh-so-vibrato, there’s no pesky shifter to scuff your Motorclothes® boots and no annoying clutch "handle" to chew up the fringe on your Motorclothes® gloves.

Nobody knows their customers better than the Motor Company®!

I wonder what letters will appear on the ElectraMaticPowerGlide® gear selector. Will they stick with the tried and true P,R,N,D,L2,L1? Or will they come up with something more suitable for a Harley®, like P1,P2,P3,P4,P5,T (Park, Pose, Primp, Polish, Poke, Trailer)?
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I am fortunate enough to be a motor cop and we've used Yamahas, Kawasakis, and Harleys. The Yamahas were ok but drove like large boat anchors. You could buy a Kawasaki for $8000 and in four years you would have $10-14,000 worth of maintenance into each bike (we had seven), which our deptartment put up with for eight years. The last four years we have had HD Road Kings that are bullet proof reliable, almost as manuverable as the KZ 1000, yes they do have a high CDI factor, and people like to admire them when they are around town. I think HD came out with ABS due to BMW and Honda having it but neither of those two companies can match HD's $ value. I have ridden a new Electraglide with the new ABS and it works remarkably well. The bikes are plenty fast for all uses but if you think you want to outrun one, remember you can't outrun the radio on it. You can usually get a good deal on a used one, we sold ours on the internet for slightly over $10,000, and you should be happy with it. I wouldn't buy a used KZ 1000 though due to all the problems we have experienced, and we usually only got $2000 or less for those at auction.
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I would have to call BS on your buddy's description of the BMW's poor u-turn abilities. He needs to learn to ride the thing. My co-worker and her husband have matching his and hers civilian models of the BMW. They both have no problem executing a u-turn inside 18 feet. The BMW might not have as generous a steering lock as the HD or Kawi, but a little counterbalancing goes a long way toward executing an easy u-turn that is just as tight or tighter. They also have much better ground clearance.

My gripe with the BMW is the clutch. Slipping frys it too easily. Considering the kind of riding actually involved on an everyday shift, BMW could have provided a useful, useable piece.
I like to pick on the HD boys as much as anyone, but...

There is a reason they are the #2 bike seller. There also is a resaon that they are picked by departments all over the US. The monetary thing is a very strong influence as is the American appeal (whatever that means anymore. Where are those Harley wheels from again?)

If they are comfortable and perform satifactorily, more power to them! As for a performance cycle, how many cops are riding around in 'great' sqauds? I don't think most of them, given a choice would opt to have a Ford Grand Victoria as a sqaud. You get what you get and hopefully it works.

Now if Hummer offered vehicles to the departments for nothing, how many would they have? If Cadillac did, would your average sqaud have spinning wheels? Come to think of it, would people start wanting a ride in the back of a sqaud then?

Again, no matter what they ride or drive, you can't outrun the radio.

Now, can we get Victory to put out a police special? There has to be some competition here. At least as far as v-twins go.

But, wouldn't a Goldwing work better anywho?

paul from Minnesota, happy with my Vmax
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You can't beat a Road King for price or performance. If you drop it for some reason it will scuff the crash bars slightly. Drop a Goldwing standing still & the plastic costs big $. I heard Kawasaki was trying to make a police model from the Drifter series but it wouldn't handle right & they gave up on it. Indian as supposed to be coming out with a police model (other than the terminator movie one) but thats in the crapper now. I have heard Triumph is trying as well. I would like to see a Sprint ST with ABS and all decked out in full 5-0 equipment though.
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