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Campbell Wins Baja 2000

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Cabo....home of the Wabo Cabo Margarita! Did any Harleys finish?
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A serious harley desert bike. You have tweaked my curiostiy button. Whats it like? Right now i have got some wild imagery running through my noddle!
Kawasaki pulled out of racing in Baja after Danny Hamel was killed down there just off the start of the Baja 500 a few years back.
So, who did they beat again????

Pardon me for pointing out that a high dollar factory effort with hired gun riders should be able to win this type of race without much sweat. Where were the other factory teams and top riders? I am sure this will be the center of a big dollar ad campain to sell XR 650's but it proves about as much as Tortelli and company showing up at your local MX track and bragging about beating the local pros.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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