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Twice now my add has been rejected on the classifieds.

Got this email...
Likely reasons why your listing would be denied include:
* inappropriate content
* missing content

Please correct any missing or inappropriate content and resubmit your listing.
All it says is...
Very nice Thruxton that is nearly one off, Price is for everything listed and more, price can be adjusted down depending on what you want and don't want or how much you want to spend.
D&D Exhaust
Works Dual Rate Fork Springs
YSS Racing Shocks G-366
Stainless Gauge Pots
Custom Rear Brake Light
Sport pegs
Rizoma Mirrors Front Brake Reservoir
Oxford Luggage
Too much to list, please contact for details
I can not edit the ad as any changes to the Draft redirects me to a blank page. I emailed you guys twice on this... still no reply, first ad I deleted and tried to recreate it... but I found out you charge $4.99 just to draft an ad. That money is out the window now.

So far I have paid you guys $10 now and still can't get my bike listed... the least you can do is email back.

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Well it been a week since I started this, nearly 2 days since I posted this and still nothing for the exception I am $10 poorer now. Seruzawa, Thanks for the attempt. I would try and as for a refund but I won't hold my breath and getting that email returned either.

You guys might want to start answering support emails more often if someone has actually paid you for a service which for some reason cannot be delivered. At this point with the lack of support communication in regard to this I feel like I have been stolen from.

Finally I will close with these comments:
Don't charge for an ad till it is live
Reply to your support emails
...and if that still can not be done, may I recommend the you revert back free classifieds until you can support a paid service like a proper business.
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