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So I'm rolling home down the deserted coast highway Wednesday night after having dinner with a fine female companion. As we're cruising along, a young marine (the orange vest gave him away) on a late model R6 kept zooming up to my car and then falling behind and repeating the process.

I gazed upon my passenger and told her I think he was feeling a bit racy. He downshifted a couple of gears and I knew he would beat me at that rpm so I waited for him to upshift again. Once his rpms dropped I knew I had him right where I wanted him.

I unleashed the fury that only a 400hp V8 can provide. The tranny kicked down from 7th to 2nd and the car took off like a rocket. I heard R6 boy furiously downshifting but it was too late-he was hosed. I had him by 3 car lengths as we passed through 100mph.

I shut her down at that point not wanting to get our inexperienced friend killed plus spending the night in jail was not on the agenda considering the amorous advances of my passenger.

Luckily, he wasn't on an R1!

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7th gear? WTF? Do you have one of those Wombat V-16s that Cosmo Topper use to drive?
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