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CARB nicks Dynojet for a Million Bucks !!!

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The latest AMA press release sez CARB fined Dynojet for selling Power Commanders that allow motorcycles to go out of EPA emissions compliance.... Dynojet has agreed to sell a PowerCommander that will meet EPA and CARB requirments for sale in California.

I'm not sure how that's going to work as recalibrating EFI for more power is usually done by richening the mixture and slowing the advance curve coupled with a modified free'r flowing exhaust and less restrictive intake, all of which are illegle under current EPA laws. Just tweaking the fuel injection isn't going to make much difference I wouldn't think.

Over on the HD Forums they're still arguing whether they should run loud pipes or not...Clueless as usual, the Gov'ment is three steps ahead of them all ready. Hope they all saved their stock parts LOL....
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Eh. Whatever

Another reason to visit less.
I'm not sure what help your point is. Many of the decisions a mod has to make depend on our opinion and judgment. ................ In short, no matter what terms this site imposes on its users, the mods will ALWAYS need to have the discretion to decide whether some post violates those terms.
In other word, this is YOUR site, and you will decide what is offensive on it.


Note that I am not a paying member of this site. I used to be. I used to like the insanity that played out here.

Now, any kind of envelope pushing gets *blanked*, edited or the user gets banned.

You're not really making a case for a better MO, IMHO.
Actually only one user was banned and that was for making threats to another member and that was with the concurrence of the administrator. I'm sure you know who it was. Right now there's some diuscussion amongst the mods as to what is unacceptable. I'm on the let 'er rip side.
Thanks for the insight. I'm with you.
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