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Carbon Offsets for Sale

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First! And I already commute on my bike, too. Can I get a doughnut?
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Geez, I was hoping for carbon fiber offsets

I too would like carbon fiber.

I ride everyday anyway....a bolt vibrated out of my fairing though.
No thanks. I'm not in the market for the eco-wackos' modern form of papal indulgences.
Every other week I pump the gas out of my Prius for my Motorcycle. I think the Prius makes about 9 gallons every 400 miles.

Is the credits in good condition?

Can you turn them over to my associate, who will pick it up after payment?

My associate will send you an intenational money order for the purchase price plus an amount that is owed to me. Please send the overage to me.

Thank you

Jim Smith

Lagos, Nigeria
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Maybe Sheryl Crow will buy some from you. Her "Green Tour" will use more fuel in a month than I will in 5 years. Good to see the 'stars' leading the way.
I'm selling carbon residue from the stem and bowl within my 'water pipe.' I'll trade you. Good liberals unite!
I'd like some please. My wife likes organic foods, maybe if I just add some of this carbon to regular food she won't give me a hard time about it.
Not to mention Gore and his private jet. High altitude jets are, by some accounts at least, a primary source of greenhouse gasses. Couldn't he have sailed to Europe for the movie premiers?
Well, I work from home. I don't even ride a "less dirty" motorcycle to work because I have no commute.

And I own a 265 year old home, now THAT is recycling!

Were are MY carbon credits?! I want my fair share! Pay up you filthy bastards!

I'll send a bottle of tequila and we will call it even.
How can I pass that up?!

Throw in some toilet paper credits and I"ll sign off on the deal.
I'll send a worm.
I drive a land cruiser that gets 12 mpg. You can get 1.5x the credits for me thanks. So where do our negotiations begin? Be mindful however that when I ride my street-going single, you, most likely, are going to need to refund some cash to me. Can we work it like selling energy back to the power company?
He could save lots of energy if he sailed with these guys.
Of course, you'd rather waste precious natural resources and pollute the air with your gas-guzzeling Z-REX

Red State fuel waster !!!!
Maybe Sheryl Crow can wipe her booty with one?
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