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Carbon Offsets for Sale

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First! And I already commute on my bike, too. Can I get a doughnut?
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I think we should just burn it out, more eco-friendly that way
How about a Spotted Owl?, they're reusable
How about a Spotted Owl?, they're reusable
There an echo in here????
Wait til you see how much fuel I waste with a one tooth under stock countershaft sprocket. I've been out wasting fuel this A.M. already!

And also wasting the rubber off my new set of Michelin Pilot Roads. Amazing how much better a bike handles with new tires and properly tightened steering head bearings.

So, get back to work so that all those blue state welfare artists can get their disability payments to buy smack with.
I can send you the dead skunk down the road to wipe yerself with.
I got racism offsets by donating to the NAACP, so I can call Al Sharpton a dirty ******.

I got domestic violence offsets by donating to a shelter for battered women, so I can crack my wife in the mouth if she lips off.

I got Americans with Disabilities Act offsets by donating to March of Dimes, so I can fill kpaul's hockey helmet with shaving cream.

Offsets rule! Thanks, Al! I'm totally cereal!
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Gee, I ride to work daily too, but, alas, I am saving mine for when I have to drive my truck to work. It is quite a pig...and it has a 6 cylinder, like a GoldWing...ok, it's an inline 6, so more like a CBX or Voyager 12...just bigger and slower...
Armadillos work better - "It's the Ridges"
it's crack, not smack. smack is from older generations. Crack ruins you much, much faster. Also turned Democrats into Republicans if they survive...Look what it did for a kid from Texas...
Beat that time!
I think we are the reason people argue against evolution.
21 - 40 of 70 Posts
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