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Hey all, I have a 1996 750 Virago. It had been sitting for a long time before I bought it. It idles fine, but nothing above that. I've tried every carb cleaner known and no luck. I began to remove the carbs according to the manual and removing them is near impossible because of the mounting studs. Does anyone know of a technique to remove them? One Yamaha tech said he always removed the studs. I find it hard to believe that..He may be right..Thanks for any help...
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All the carb-cleaner in the world won't help if it doesn't get through the plugged jet. They WILL have to come off.

As I don't know the exact setup for the Virago, I can't really help you with specifics on removal. If you asked a Yamaha Tech - I'd be inclined to believe him. It's fairly easy to remove a stud (if it's not siezed).

Loosen all the fasteners holding the carb, use a nut from one of the other studs as a jamnut, and just turn it out with a wrench. Might take awhile, but how much time will it take just letting it sit, waiting for it to remove itself? :D
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