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I agree 100%! I was at the Houston race, right at

the landing of the 1st tripple ( before the whoops ),

and Carmichael would hit the turn after the tripple

and just ZAP.. he was GONE! Then through the

whoops! His whoop speed is phenominal too... I

doubt anyone is faster.. maybe Ezra.. it's tough to

say though. RC is just doggone fast!!

Saw Langston crash out too.. man, what a bummer!

The crowd was behind him and everything... a real

shame as he was just acknowledging the cheering

fans right before he crashed. Its easy to say "well,

he should've kept his eyes on the prize..." but it

was really just a fluke thing.. caught the top of this

little double into the corner after the tripple... just

an inch or two mistake. This guy is good.. if he

can get experience (and he will) he'll be there.

Well.. there's my nickle recap! Ya want better

reporting, watch Speedvision! ...who in my mind do

a million times better job than ESPN2!.. What's with

ESPN2 cutting off the start of the Daytona 250-SX

race!!? IDIOTS!!! Cut some of the damned -fluff-

and interviews BEFORE the race if your b-ball games

run long!!! SHEESH!.. this ain't rocket-science!! I

want to see -racing- action!!! not puff-pieces!!

don't get me started on ESPN2... too late!

PS. dunno why.. but this thing is telling me I'm an

anonymous squid when I have registered long ago...

hmmm.. strange! -Jamesohoh7
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