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"While Porsche has designed bicycles and BMW snowboards, Carroll's
been looking for an opportunity to apply our 40 years of experience to a world
class motorcycle program," added Amy Boylan, Shelby Automobiles Inc., president.

i'm not quite sure what ames is trying to say here.

if she's hinting that bmw doesn't make motorcycles... i heard they do now.

if she's postulating that bmw-zweirad is resting on their laurels or allowing
themselves to become distracted by sideline projects which keep them from making
world class bikes, i'd contend otherwise. zum beispiel (for example),
the r1200rt won MO's sport touring 2005 comparo, and the r1200gs was lauded
as "quite possibly as good as it gets" by our very own man of much
speednessness, sean alexander. here in the EU, bmw is selling these two particular
models like hotdogs at an oprah's book club convention.

and what about side
projects? porsche makes designer prescription glasses frames, but that doesn't
mean that they don't keep putting out some fabulous sports cars in the mean
time. boeing makes model airplanes for collectors, but that doesn't mean that
their 767er engine is less than "world class."

if amy is saying that bmw has opened up a window of opportunity to enter the
cruiser/muscle bike segment, she might have done better to go after harley,
confederate, polaris, or some other company that makes something remotely similar
to the niche bike that shelby is showcasing in this article.

acaba, from the landward side.

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Salvador Dali lives!

I've come to appreciate the surrealism of today's ad copy. The most pedestrian accomplishments are treated as earth shaking revelations.

"Astounding 150 HP."

You mean like an old R1? LOL!

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Looks like another "kwazi-kewell" chopperish, sportyish pile of crap for the Robb Report crowd. Soon to be on display at a "Luxury Show" at your local convention center where it will be marketed to the upscale lumpenprole along with lake front get away places, backyard spas, Caddy SUV's, expensive yet strangely undrinkable wines and $500 bikinis - none of which are being modeled by young hotties.

Ole Shel may be a bit of a weasel, but he could drive pretty good back in his day - and the original Cobra was quite a car - even if it was a modified AC Ace. Carroll probably missed a calling as a Timeshare sales guru. Then he could move up in the world and open a place for the sportin' ladies...oh, wait - thats been done!

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Re: Upscale Lumpenprole

Righto. I'm actually more like middle of the road lumpenprole. I like good but drinkable wine and expensive food but my Subaru and vintage Kwacker suit me just fine. Sonoma not Napa. If you will.
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