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Casual Protective Gear

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OK, I'll start. The gear described is better than plain old jeans and a tee shirt. But even a good set of protective gear is barely enough, at least for this fragile oldster.

Wednesday I took a short jaunt (well 180 miles is short in this part of the world -- Denver is close to 300 miles RT) with the wife as pasenger. Beautiful scenery; that's why we live here. The Winnebagos and SUV's weren't out so I could actually average at, or a bit over, the speed limit.

But.. about 10 miles east of Salida (look it up, folks) the bike began to wobble. Thinking "flat", I decelerated gradually and pulled to the side of the road. When we were nearly stopped the rear wheel came off (single side drive on that bike), throwing us to the pavement.

The leathers have a few new scratches, the jacket sleeve rubbed a silver dollar size piece of skin off my arm, and the helmets have a few new scratches. and my ribs are kinda sore. My wife got only a bruised elbow. Dressed like EBass, we probably wouldn't have broken any bones, but fersure we'd be scraped and bruised. And I wouldn't be the first to type here - I'd still be too sore, or doped up like Rush Limbaugh usta be.

Moral: If you don't think to check that the wheel mount nuts are nicely torqued down, you'd better wear first class protective gear. And all folks who disdain even the protective clothing EBass reviewed and/or chaps (with fringe) and engineer boots: when was the last time YOU checked the wheels on your scoot?
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You guys are the COLDEST mofo's I know -- and I'm down with it. Still, what are you gonna do if Timmy ever learns to drive a D-10 and comes to your neighborhood???

Ebass -- you da man. Thanks for the sterling review and more than a single chuckle. BTW, how's all that stuff to nap in? Comfy?

Wait.... Isn't Sean the first runner up in the MO Tim B trophy cup?

Nomex ready. :)
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Who is that guy!?

JEEZ LOUISE!!! Ebass looks like Lenin on steroids!
KPaul looking for cool jeans

Nice Review EBass. I usually ride with my Tour Master Cortech Pants (KPaul recomended) when its raining, for early morjning rides and to work in the winter time. However, a change in jobs now forces me to haul a laptop where ever I go and too many close calls with ex-Californian cell phone yacking females in giant SUVs has forced me to give up commuting to work on my beloved Ninja. In addition, being a night owl I like afternoon rides the best.

So I have been looking at alternative to my blue jeans. Joe Rocket and Icon have some jeans that look interesting. Anyone have experience with these??
Better pick up some arm chaps....

If you'd been wearing fringed arm chaps you wouldn't have lost that silver dollar size piece of skin off your arm.
Re: KPaul looking for cool jeans

What the hell is 'morjning?' Seriously: 3rd year 4th grader. You make fun of me for not trying stoppies on a motorcycle and YOU'RE TOO AFRAID TO RIDE IN TRAFFIC?

As for the laptop: Have you checked out one of those hard shell backpacks? I can't remember the brand, but there's a guy riding an MV Agusta in them. There in the print mags. Also, I think I've seen tailbags made to haul laptops (correct shape and waterproof).

As for the pants: I can't help but recommend Aerostich Darien pants. They're pricey, but they're more comfortable than the tighter-fitting Roadcrafters and they have knee armor w/ hip armor optional I believe. Also, they're GoreTex which I'm sure would be nice in your climate. To top it all off: You can customize the sizing. I know they're expensive, but I can honestly say I know a couple people that have had theirs for around ten years.


04 ZX6R

03 BMW F650GS
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Yes, grasshopper...

... it is true that I can be quite cold at times. But I can not in good conscience accept your claim that I am the coldest. I tell you grasshopper that there is one far colder than I. Colder than a penguin who has squatted on an importunely placed icicle. Colder than a night in bed with with Janet Reno. Colder even than an Abu Ghraib prison guard.

Grasshopper, there is one so cold that her true name is unspeakable. This coldest of all beings has indeed foresaken her own humanity and exists only to haunt this earth and those who would rejoice in it, her frostbitten soul snuffing out warmth and light wherever she roams, known to mankind only as....

....the ex-wife
Re: KPaul looking for cool jeans

The Icon jeans aren't really any more protective than regular jeans. Now their TiMax pants should be a fair bit more protective, and include knee armor as well. The regular textile ones seemed a bit hot when I tried them on at Plano Honda, but the TiMax Mesh might do the trick.

On the other hand, if it's jeans you want, you could go with a pair of Draggin' Jeans, which have Kevlar lining in the seat and around the knees. I've got a pair of their carpenter jeans that I really like — even have a neat little pocket on the side of the right leg for putting your cell phone in.

Or check out Hood Jeans, which is a U.K. based company that looks like they make an even nicer product than the Draggin' Jeans. Their jeans are lined with Aramid fiber from top to bottom, and are available in additional colors to the Draggin' Jeans black and Ultra-70's dark-dark-blue. And you can have Knox armor added to the knees and hips if you like. If I had known about these when I bought my Draggin' Jeans, I probably would have opted for these instead. They've also got some nice Aramid lined khakis. I've heard a lot of good things about them on the SVRiders website. If you end up picking up a pair of Hood Jeans, let us know how you like them.
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Tony, you ignorant Montana hick.

YOU LIVE IN ***** MONTANA YOU IDIOT HICK. Come to Seattle and ride on I-405 during rush hour on slick freeways. I also have to travel between job sites now so a bike isn't really option anymore. Thanks for pants advice though. But really you need to get out more you hick
I bought a pair of Draggin Jeans several years ago, still have them. I've worn them maybe 4 times. The fit of these jeans suck!! The waist of the pants is up to your belly button, the front pockets are way small and you can't get your hands in them. Unless the new "relaxed fit Draggins are different, I wouldn't buy another pair. MCN wrote an article about Draggin Jeans, they reported exactly what I have said about them. If anyone wants a pair of barely used Draggins, $50 bucks plus shipping and there yours. (size 38 waist)

About 4 months ago I bought a pair of Icon jeans, in blue. Although they don't offer as much protection as the Draggins, the Icons fit perfect, they are super comfortable, and do have the nice stretch vent inserts in them. They also have double material in the knees. The Icons are just plain good looking and comfortable. Worth every penny!!

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I wear Dainese (Stelvio?) pants which are goretex and have a removable liner and knee armour. You can also open the zippers around the knees for a little extra venting. EBass couldn't stop telling me how nice my butt looked in them.

Those Hood jeans are mighty $$$ when you factor in the exchange rate. The Icon jeans look kind of cool. The draggin' jeans look like your momma sewed in some knee patches for you back in 5th grade.
I wear a JR Ballistic 4.0 jacket and pants combo if it's wet out, like from November to May, then armored leather pants and jacket the rest of the time.

I have to admit I've put more than a few miles on in jeans and a sweater when we get those blistering 75 degree summer days. I always wear boots and a helmet though

The only problem with the JR pants is the knee pads are long and narrow, while the pants are fairly baggy so chances are if you fall the knee pad isn't going to be in the right place to help you. They are waterproof though....That's why I like my leather pants, the knee pad wraps all the way from seam to seam and stays in place. On hot days things do get a little warm but I figure it's worth it most of the time, the rest of the time I just take my chances in jeans.
Re: Yes, grasshopper...

He he.... thought you were talking about Ashley for a sec......

Damn -- of course you are right. Especially since I got me a couple of these too. There are just some events that are so awful that after a while you just learn to block them out.

Say master -- grasshopper is new to this whole motojournalism biz but aren't clothing models supposed to have bigger pecs than bellys??


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Draggin' Jeans Fit

The standard draggin' jeans fit is very close to a pair of 501's except that they run about an inch smaller in the waist. I've been wearing a pair for a years or so now and am pretty happy with them. I have not yet crashed in them, but I'll update you on them if I do. I understand the need to be somewhat snug fitting to keep the kevlar in place, but even though they are an inch larger nominal size than my levi's, these jeans serve as my canary in the cave that I am starting to gain weight. They seem to hold up well to repeated washings. Oh, and the cut of the jeans makes my butt look fast.
Re: Draggin' Jeans Fit

Do I dare ask what it means to look like you have a fast ass?
You know, a while back Englands MCN had a review of crash worthy clothing. One of the things they tested, with lots of failure was Kevlar based clothing, including Dragon (whatever) Jeans. After the tests they contacted the folks who make Kevlar (Dupont I believe) and they stated that kevlar was not designed for this use. Makes great drive belts though... Consequently, the jeans did not get a CE designation! Far as I know, they still don't and cannot be sold in Europe as protective clothing! Folks, there are lots of suits and real riding apparel out there. Spend the bucks and get on that fits and works!! Better yet, don't crash. I can tell you from mine back in January, crashing sucks, don't do it. I get the metal out of my knee in July. Still riding and will after the knee heals, after round 2 of surgery.

Bought a Fieldsheer Highland Suit to replace the suit (that was great for cold, but lousy for crash) that was cut off of me by the fine folks at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta (wht do they have to call it memorial?). Made of stuff designed to be scraaaape resistent and has body armor. No, I am not volunteering to test its crash worthiness, but will let all know if I inadvertently do...and how it did... If you want the protection, jeans ain't gonna do it, doesnt matter what they are ''fortified" with! We enjoy a wonderfully insanely dangerous sport. Either just accept that and deal with the consequences or spend the bucks and do what you have to do to protect yourself. Depending on the temperature (sorry, over 90 degrees, ther suit stays home. Have to balance heat stroke versus crash worthiness) I just accept it and ride....

Matter of fact, why am I sitting here writing this. There are 3 bikes waiting to be ridden, BYE....
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On that note, does anybody know anything good, bad, or indifferent about Alpinestars Air-Flo Mesh pants, particularly their crash worthiness? They've got what looks like a good deal on them on New Enough, and after sweating my ass off going to and from work on Thursday, I'm looking for any way I can to help shed heat.
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