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It would seem though that Loris is getting to grips with the Duc and is now consistently fast so I expect him to be challenging regularly. Troy seems to be losing it a bit. Now that Loris is shining he may be getting all the attention from the team - who knows. As I said on the earlier thread Colin Edwards deserves better. That damn Cube has all the fancy electronic stuff like fly-by-wire throttle, but as Colin lamented, the Hondas and the Ducs have launch control so the Cube doesn't have the things that really matter. Colin is left with massive wheelie problems on the line when the others have disappeared into the distance. He also spoke of wheelie problems out of turns - the bike just isn't right. Is that what happens when you let F1 dudes build you and engine whereas Honda and Ducati know motorcycles and can obviously build great engines. With our man Adrian Gorst as chief engineer they do seem to be sorting it slowly but then it died at this race - bugger.

Damn if Ducati are this good will I one day have to trade the VFR and not keep it forever?


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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